Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Petition to Secede

Here is a link to the article and video that I watched


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Day 2012

This past Tuesday  was election day, as we all know. I spent the majority of dinner time at a The Fire on Mineral Spring Avenue in North Providence (pizza is great there by the way). The atmosphere was great, not to loud not to quiet but the buzz did not seem to be around the presidential election, or nothing that I could hear. I think the problem was a lot of polls had not closed yet. But anyways, the table next to us just brifly touched upon the presidential election. The African American man had said he was voting for Obama, while the man next to him had been explaining that the majority of his work had voted for Romney, other than one individual. They did not get into debate about why, but it was just interesting to hear what individuals wanted. 

I started watching when Romney was ahead in electoral and popular vote. Obama at that point had won the northeast along with some major states in central US, while Romney had taken Texas  (stout republican state) and Virginia, a key battleground state. My hopes were high at that point considering I wanted Romney to win. 

Me and my girlfriend had left there to watch the rest at home because there was not much talk about the election at The Fire. Once home I engaged in some heated debates with a few friends over skype. Four out of the five wanted Obama to win, but really did not have any reasons to back up their assertions. So realistically I was doing the debating. Local elections had been tallied at that point and Democrats took most positions. 

On a positive note!, RIC is getting the funding for the new buildings. Also Twin River will now be able to compete with Massachusetts and Connecticut casinos. It also means more jobs and revenue for the state! 

Overall I did not engage in a good experience. I guess I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. For us Rhode Islanders I would like to know why we did not change our views on our leaders when we remain to be the second highest state of unemployment?