Sunday, September 2, 2012

Afraid of the Label "Feminist"

Lisa Maria Hogeland's
"Fear of Feminism"

     Hogeland bases her article about young women being afraid of feminism. Feminism according to is, "the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men". 

     The article starts by explaining the difference between gender consciousness and feminist consciousness. She explains that gender consciousness for women is the process of understanding their vulnerabilities and celebrating their differences from men but also goes into detail about feminist consciousness bringing the awareness of gender differences to politics. Lisa feels that the younger generation are afraid of politics and do not want to have to put forth the effort to be a part of the feminist movement.
     Hogeland also mentions the term homophobia and being homosexual by orientation. She feels that the younger generation are at an age where their sexual orientation and sexual life define them. Also she writes that women being feminist takes them out of a pool for many men.In a non-for-profit online magazine, 'In These Times' , author Sady Doyle writes something similar in her article "Why Are Youngsters Afraid of the Word 'Feminist'?". She states that women are afraid to identify themselves as feminists because they feel as though men would not be attracted to them and will not listen to what they have to say because they identify themselves as feminists. 
     One of the main things I came across when researching similar articles to Hogeland was that many women do not want to be associated with the radical past of the feminist movement and do not take a deep look into what is going on now. In the video below a young girl tries to explain her views and touches upon this issue.The girl also goes into the fact that they do not want to associate with the past in the sense that they believe they are responsible for the past. Their ancestors are responsible for not allowing women to for or to have equal rights in the work place. Personal its sort of an issue for me.
     One thing that really caught my eye while reading Sady Doyle's article is that a lot of people havn't visualized the change in the movement. It is not as active as it was in the early 1900s. Primarily you can find the movement online through blogs and websites. You do not hear to much about it on the news or in the papers anymore. It has become a movement through the technological world that is now in place. I hope to discuss this more in class.


  1. Hey Bobby!
    I really do like your post. I think you got Hogeland's and Doyle's point very clearly. There's one thing I wanted to ask. Like you said in you post that feminist women believe that if the reveal that they are feminist, men won't be attracted to them as much as normal. What do you like of that, from a guy's point of view? And nice video! I was looking for a video but I could never find one :D

  2. To tell you the truth, I am a firm believer in women's rights and do not take that into account at all. It isn't right what women and the lgbt community are put through, not only because they label themselves as feminists but in general.

  3. you make a good point i personally dont want to label myself as a feminist because it has a very active context in which i feel like to be a feminist you have to acctually go out and look for battles.