Thursday, December 6, 2012

Event Number 2 - Shopping at Traget

So recently I went to Target to get a few things for the apartment. I never really cared to take a stroll down the toy isles but it is the Christmas season now and I have a niece who is 3 and I needed to get her a gift. I took a nice stroll down the isles and it was absolutely appalling the amount of PINK and PURPLE I saw. I was completely overwhelmed. A lot of the stuff was the same like dolls and little cars for them to ride in, just different facial expressions or brand name. I never looked deep into the whole color difference between boys and girls, but it was crazy walking down the isles and seeing the difference. I think there was about a good 6 double sided isles of pink and purple items and boxes. Of course there was the same for the boys though, just blue and black and the isle of army items which included the dark green, sandy camo.

To more of a surprise there was a gender neutral isle, but it was baby toys.... like the little plastic rings and the stand up noise making things. But other than that I couldn't find one. Even the board games were separated to fit the different genders. Fortunately I was able to find a gender neutral etch-a-sketch thing that had multiple colors and had a boy and a girl depicted on it. Even though ill try and teach my niece that playing with boys toys is ok, I don't think it is going to work as my sister is a pre-madonna and loves pink and purple, the whole nine yards. She spoils her rotten with the pink toys and clothes, although her room is animals and features gender neutral colors like hello, green and browns. It is funny  because my brother in law got her a drill set with boy colors and what not and she said "daddy that is for boys" and refused to play with it. Needless to say that went back to the store.

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