Thursday, December 6, 2012

Event Numero Uno

For my first event I am using my work atmosphere. On the days I don't have class I install walk in bath tubs and showers not only for elderly but for handicapped people. It is a pretty awesome job. I get to learn new things everyday, but most importantly I am doing someone a service and it makes me feel good at the end of the day.

Anyways my job is a feminist issue in more than one way. One of the main reasons as to why I am writing about this is because of the things the women I see on a daily basis, doing. I would say of the about 400 jobs I have been on, about eighty percent of the women are what we would call your typical housewife. Cooking, cleaning, waiting on their husbands hand and foot. More often than not they offer to cook us food and at the end of the job offer to sweep up after the mess we made because they see me on my hands and knees sweeping with a dustpan and brush. Its hard to watch and eighty year old woman who can barely walk struggling to do her daily chores because that is what she has done her whole life, all while her physically capable husband is on the couch watching tv or reading the paper, or to busy being in the way of us doing our job.

Another way this is a feminist issue is how these companies take advantage of these elderly and handicapped people. While they are provided something that will make their lives easier, it is rape, how much they charge these people for a tub with a door on it. Me and my brother install for a few different companies, so I won't get into detail about pricing or anything like that but to put it into perspective: I could buy a brand new hyundai sonata outright, for the price of some of the tub models. I could buy a brand new kitchen or an entire bathroom! Just ridiculous and completely unjust if you ask me. If I were the thousands of elderly who have indulged in one of these, I would protest for my money back!.

But all in all the service is what counts. These people's lives have changed for the better, making their bathing experience a lot more safe. This makes my work a feminist issue in generally, not the greedy salesmen portion.

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