Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Random Blog 1 - Attempting Divorce After 19 Years

A Belgian man attempts to  divorce his wife after 19 years  because he found out that she was trans. I find this just morally wrong and appalling. As much as the woman clearly left out some information about her past, it shouldn't have made a difference in the end because she clearly made the man happy if they were married for 19 years! The site even quotes him saying that she had not a single manly feature and he couldn't notice anything difference with sex between her and a biologically born female. If sex does not feel different and you are happy, what does it matter if she is a trans women. In my opinion it doesn't and would not even be a question. I mean don't get me wrong, holding back that type of info is immoral  and wrong in itself, but divorcing from a happy marriage of 19 years is ten times worse. I think its karma that the courts deny him and put him through the "hell" he thinks he is in...

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  1. Hey Bobby- This one had slipped by me. What interesting stuff. I think your argument is perfect. Some people in the trans community dont think its necessary to tell. I dont believe that. It may be the fact that MTF people have a luxury of bottom surgery that is undetectable but in the practical sense its a pain in the ass. Nice piece.