Thursday, December 6, 2012

Media Matters by Croteau (Extended Comments) Mike's blog

Ok so like Mike, when I think of  Ideology I tend to think of religion and what each one puts forth to people. It was interesting reading the article and figuring out that media puts forth ideologies rather than just ideas. The difference between ideas and ideology is completely different and is to know wonder why society follows mass media culture.

I like how Mike relates this idea to his earlier life and the Eminem CD. He put the article into perspective for me because the article was a little wordy. Mike relates the article to the major violence in mass media and the hate that it puts on different groups. He specifically relates it to violence and his experiences with music, specifically the Eminem song: "Kill You" which pretty much goes against the sex positive arguments and also puts forth hate against the LGBTQ community. While I tend to agree that Eminem's music is a great lyrical and vocal accomplishment, I disagree with its messages and tend not listen to rap music as it tends to degrade women and puts forth a life style that in my opinion is wrong and unobtainable. But I have done my share of listening to music based on a catchy beat or because it sounds good, so I guess I am a hypocrite.

Ideology is such a strong word and it is safe to say that the media uses it to display what is right and what is wrong. Everyone and anyone is subject to media ideology, and it is now starting to effect the baby population. I like what they are doing with kid show, as I am subject to watching quite a few with my niece. They have been challenging the white dominant culture with African American hosts and also latin american characters and teaching what is right and wrong in so many ways. I hope that one day teenager targeted media and adult media can do the same.

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  1. I like how hopefully you seem that one day things will change. We need more people to be positive like you and then maybe one day it might actually change.