Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sex Positivity - Connections

     The Wikipedia article and the 8 Ways To Be Positive You're Sex Positive article focus on the idea of being positive about what works for you sexual. The Wikipedia article seems to focus more on the arguing groups and the history, but also the pornography industry and the effects it has on the feminist movement.
      I connect the wikipedia article specifically to Frye's oppression. Frye explains that people use the word oppression to broadly and don't look at the real scope. She relates it to "men's inability to feel" meaning that they show no emotions and the fact that society oppresses them to do that. The wikipedia article connects with Frye because the anti-porn feminists think that porn is oppressive to women in general, and those who take part in it are degrading the feminist movements and themselves. But in reality it is what they like to do and tends to be their full-time job. It is like any other career, you do what you love to make money. The problem with the anti-porn movement is that they often show graphic images of sadomasochism or the act of inflicting pain and enjoying it during sex (portraying that these individuals are being raped). The reality is that some people enjoy this and are not being oppressed, as a matter of fact they are welcoming it and enjoying every second of it.
      Next I connect these two articles to Rich's article on LGBTQ issues. What Rich focuses on is the fact that men and women alike are forced almost forced to be heterosexual because of societal pressures and ignorances. These articles relate in the fact that sex is most often influenced by societal pressures.  Also people should be allowed to partake in any for of sexual activity and not feel like they are being judged. This means ANYTHING. This means: " Clown sex, diaper fetishes, puppy play, littles "This should mean that anyone of any sexual orientation or gender identity can perform sexual activities that they find pleasing.
      What I find most important is in the article by Rachel White. She states that each of us have to look deep into ourselves and find what pleases and may not please us and make sure that we are OKAY with that. We should not feel the need to have to conform to society's ideal picture of sex and pressures to have sex or to remain celibate because of it!


  1. I think you did a great job connecting the to because when I was on the websites as well I kind of was thinking the same on oppression.

  2. Great job in connecting them. Also, nice random blog 2. FYS is great. Currently playing there music to write all my comments.