Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Random Blog 2 - Check Um' Out! - Four Year Strong

So Four Year Strong is  pretty sick band and I definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone!. They do some great covers in their album Explains It All, some songs which most of the class will know, such as Roll To Me by Del Amitri, Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days, Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind and finally Fly ft Travis McCoy which was originally done by Sugar Ray.

They also do their own music of course. They are from Boston!, somewhat local anyways, which is a plus. Saw them for the first time live this past summer at warped tour. One of the sickest experiences of my life. Anyways here is there their best song in my opinion, featuring one of the best breakdowns ever! (so amped just typing this)

Ok so I completely forgot these random post had to pertain to feminism and the class and I think this song does. At the end of the song they sing "sad enough to say that alone I could barely light a match, but together we can burn this place down" "sorry about the mess, but when we team up, team up we always seem to bring this place to the ground" and then crazy breakdown sets in. But I think this can relate to our discussion in class that it is hard for the oppressed group to gain freedom of that oppression without the help of members from the oppressing group. Because when men team up with the under payed women to protest the inequality, they to can dismantle the masters house and they to can bring this place down. 

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